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IV Organization and Implementation of Curriculum
(1) Ceremonial events
 To conduct activities to give school life meaningful changes and milestones, to experience solemn and refreshed feelings, to be motivated to lead a new stage of life
(2) Cultural events
 To conduct activities to present achievement of daily leaning activities, to increase motivation for improvement further, and to get familiar with culture and art 
(3) Health and safety related events and athletic events
 To conduct activities to raise awareness of building healthy minds and bodies and of maintenance and enhancement of health, to learn safe behavior and orderly group behavior, to nurture attitudes to enjoy exercise, to develop responsibility and sense of solidarity, and to improve physical condition.
(4) School excursion / group lodging events
 To conduct activities to broaden one’s knowledge, to enjoy nature and culture, to be able to have desirable experiences of a way of group living such as human relationships, and public morals in life environment which is different from ordinary environment such as group lodging in a natural environment.
(5) Work service and voluntary events
 To conduct activities to learn the value of work and joy of production by experience, to gain experiences to nurture spirit of social dedication such as volunteer activities.

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