APEC-Tsukuba International Conference IX:

Innovation of Mathematics Teaching and Learning through Lesson Study

Date: February 10-16, 2015
Venue: Tokyo, Japan

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The date, Venue (Tokyo) and Schedule

Feb. 9, 2015: Arrival day

Feb. 11, 2015: APEC Conference"Mathematics Education for Future Prediction"
    Venue: Tokyo Campus, University of Tsukuba, Myogadani St., Tokyo

9:00   Opening Ceremony: Chair. Okubo Kazuyoshi, Hokkaido University of Education

Hiroshi Fujita

The Chair of IPC at ICME 9, 2000, Japan

Former/Honorary President, The Mathematical Society of Japan, Mathematics Education Society Japan

Greeting at APEC Conference 2015

9:15   Explanation of APEC Project

Masami Isoda & Maitree Inprasitha

Project Overseers, University of Tsukuba & Khon Kaen University

Mathematics Education for Future Prediction: The APEC Project on 2015

9:30   Photo Session 1 for all participants

9:45   Keynote 1     Chair: Takeshi Miyakawa, Jyoetsu University of Education

Hiroe Tsubaki: The Institute of Statistical Mathematics

Statistical Prediction and Uncertainty Management

10:45   Break

11:00   Keynote 2     Chair: Takeshi Miyakawa

Orlando Gonzalez: Hiroshima University

Senior High School Mathematics Teachers' Difficulty to Teach Statistics: The Cases of Japan and Thailand

12:00   Lunch

13:00   Panel: Seeking the Newest Issues for Curriculum Reforms

Modulator: Maitree Inprasitha

Presentations: Atsushi Nagao, Ministry of Education (MEXT, Japan)

Curriculum Standards for Elementary and Secondary Education: Overview of the Advisory Council Discussion

Widodo, Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia)

Newest Issues for Curriculum Reform in Indonesia (2013)

Hee-chan Lew, Korian National University of Education

Current Issues for Mathematics Curriculum Reform in Korea

Toh Tin Lam, National Institute of Education (Singapore)

Curriculum Reform

14:20   Break

14:30   Questions & Answers, and Discussions

15:30   Break

15:40   Keynote 3     Chair. Akio Matsuzaki, Saitama University

Kanok Wongtrangan, Former Adviser of Prime Minister, Thailand

Lesson Study in Thailand : Experiences and Challenges

Feb. 12, 2015: Lesson Study
    Venue: Tokyo Campus, University of Tsukuba, Myogadani St., Tokyo

Morning Session: National Lesson Study Meeting at the Elementary School

・Hiroshi Tanaka (Grade 6)

Lesson Plan

・Yasuhiro Hosomizu (Grade 6)

Lesson Plan

Afternoon Session: Attend the Junior High School Lesson Study Meeting13:00   Lesson Study

Roberto Araya, University of Chile

Lesson Plan

14:10   Post lesson discussion

15:00   Keynote 4     Chair Tatsuya Mizoguchi

Barbara Jaworski, Loughborough University, UK

Research on Teacher Education in Mathematics -- through collaborative inquiry-based processes including teachers and students

16:00   Keynote 5     Chair Shigeki Kitajima

Kuniko Urashima, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy

Future Prediction Science

17:00   Move to the Reception Venue

Reception (includes Closing Ceremony):

Venue: Rinya Kaikan (behind the Elementary School)

17:30   Closing Ceremony:

Caroline Benton, Vice President, University of Tsukuba

Confirmation for the next meeting in Thailand.


Satellite Meeting

Feb. 16, 2015: SEAMEO-RECSAM and University of Tsukuba joint Symposium
    Venue: Tokyo Campus, University of Tsukuba, Myogadani St., Tokyo

Feb. 13, 2015: ICME Survey Team Meeting
    Venue: Tokyo Campus, University of Tsukuba, Myogadani St., Tokyo

Morning Session:

Attend National Lesson Study Meeting at the Elementary School

Afternoon Session:

ICME Survey Team Meeting


Input information from The Host Side

Atsushi Matachi, JICA : JICA Projects in the World 1 2


Southeast Asia Regional Standards for Mathematics Teachers

Maitree Inprashita, Thailand : Open Approach project

Yuriko Yamamoto Baldin, Brazil

In-service Teacher Education in Brazil

Feb. 14&15, 2015: ICME Survey Team Meeting
    Venue: Tokyo Campus, University of Tsukuba, Myogadani St., Tokyo

Feb. 10, 2015: Textbook Workshop 10am-17pm
    Venue: Gakkotosho Pub/Tosho Insatsu, Higashi Jujo St./ Oji Kamiya St., Tokyo

Morning Session: Plenary

Feature of Japanese Textbook: Masami Isoda, University of Tsukuba

Difference of Language and Culture: Aida Yap, University of Philippines

Afternoon Session: Group Work

1st Grade group, 2nd Grade group and 3rd Grade group

Report Session.


Project Website: http://www.criced.tsukuba.ac.jp/math/apec/

Contact Persons about the conference

Conference Host: University of Tsukuba
General Chair: Dr. Masami Isoda (APEC Project Overseer) email: isoda@criced.tsukuba.ac.jp
APEC Project Co-Overseer: Dr. Maitree Inprasitha (Khon Kaen Univ. Thailand)
Supporting Staff: Kumiko Nada email: nada.kumiko.ga[�E�]un.tsukuba.ac.jp
Rikako Ishikawa email: ishikawa.rikako.gu[�E�]un.tsukuba.ac.jp)

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