Lesson Study Presentation by APEC project

ICME 11, Mexico 2008


During the past ten years, lesson study has been spreading for the improvement of classroom practices from the USA to other countries. Originated from Japan a hundred years ago, it is beginning to influence many countries and has been exercised to develop innovative approaches in each country. On this context, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) has adopted the Lesson Study Project for Mathematics from 2006. This presentation includes a Lecture Session for introducing what lesson study is and what has been going on in APEC economies, and Demonstration Sessions for experiencing lesson study in English and Spanish. Lessons present the problem solving approaches by Japanese expert teachers with Mexican elementary school students.



I. Lecture Session

TIME, July, Room
Title: What is Lesson Study and What has been Going On in APEC economies?
(English Program will be supported by Spanish simultaneous interpretation)
Chair of Lecture Session Tenoch Cedillo Ávalos
Greeting Address Marcela Santillán Nieto
Introduction of Lesson Study and APEC Lesson Study Project
What has been going on in APEC economies?
Masami Isoda
Lesson Study movement in the USA Akihiko Takahashi
Lesson Study movement in Thailand Maitree Inprasitha
Lesson Study movement in Singapore Ban-Har Yeap
Lesson Study movement in Chile Arturo Mena Lorca
Challenges in APEC economies
Challenges in Malaysia Chap-Sam Lim
Challenges in Philippines Soledad Ulep
Challenges in China Shangzhi Wang

II. Lesson Study Demonstration Sessions (Parallel Sessions)

TIME, July
English:Room Spanish:Room

II-1. Lesson Study Demonstration Session in English

Chair of the Einglish Session: Kazuyoshi Okubo

Lesson Demonstration
Teacher: Hiroshi Tanaka
9 or 10 years old, 35 (or so) pupils (in English)

Interpreter: Akihiko Takahashi

Discussion Panel about the Lesson in English
Kazuyoshi Okubo (Chair)
CHENG Chun Chor Litwin, Madihah Khalid, Mangoo Park, Max Stephens, Minoru Ohtani, Shizumi Shimizu, Hiroshi Tanaka

II-2. Lesson Study Demonstration Session in Spanish

Chair of the Spanish Session: Grecia Gálvez

Lesson Demonstration
Teacher: Kozo Tsubota
9 or 10 years old, 35 (or so) pupils (in Spanish)

Interpreter: Keiko Suzuki

Discussion Panel about the Lesson in Spanish
Marcela Santillán (Chair)
Arturo Mena Lorca, Francisco Cerda, Kozo Tsubota, Masami Isoda, Monica Mayumi Miyagui, Tenoch Cedillo Ávalos

III. Pre-Lesson Study Demonstration at Mexico City

Lesson Study at Liceo Mexicano Japones


Isoda,M., Stephens, M., Ohara,Y., & Miyakawa, T. (2007). Japanese Lesson Study in Mathematics. World Scientific.
Isoda, M., Arcavi, A. & Mena, A., (2007). El Estudio de Clases Japonés en Matemáticas. Ediciones Universitarias de Valparaíso, Valparaíso, Chile

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