Mathematics & Science Lesson Study Symposium in Malaysia

On August 17 and 19, 2015, Mathematics & Science Lesson Study Symposium was held in Penang and in Putrajaya respectively. This Symposium was realized by the Ministry of Education in Malaysia, SEMEO-RECSAM and CRICED for the purpose of sharing experience and practice of lesson study. Through the two-day seminar, more than 200 school teachers and teacher educators participated. Two Japanese teachers from Attached Elementary School, University of Tsukuba, Mr. Yoshikazu Yamamoto (mathematics) and Mr. Tatsumi Sumi (science) showed demonstration classes. After the class, workshops about problem solving approach in mathematics as well as exploration approach in science were held, and participants studied enthusiastically.

Picture① Dr. Isoda explaining about lesson study (in Penang)
Picture② Mr. Yamamoto teaching mathematics (in Penang)
Picture③ Participants observing the class of mathematics (in Penang)
Picture④  Mr. Sumi teaching science (in Putrajaya)
Picture⑤ Participants tackling challenges in the science workshop (in Putrajaya)
Picture⑥ All of participants in Putrajaya
Picture⑦ Advertisement of the Symposium