Function Graphing Software
(GRAph Presentation & Experiment System)
for Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista

GRAPES (GRAph Presentation & Experiment System) allows you to draw the graphs and the loci of most of the functions which appear in the upper secondary school curriculum, and to analyze them from diverse aspects.

Last Update 8/9/2010

Main update informations on GRAPES

For windows 95/98/Me users

  • It has been reported that on rare occasions, GRAPES can freeze when the calculator is displayed, however the author has never encountered this situation.
  • This is unaccounted.

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Appearance of GRAPES
Understanding by looking
Taylor series
Fourier series
Understanding by moving
Minimax of a quadratic
Properties of parabola
Composition of harmonic oscillation
Slope of tangent
Move using mouse
Translation by vector
Parabola through three points
Special graphs
Lemniscate (rectangular coordinates)
Lemniscate (Polar coordinates)
Lemniscate (conditional expression)
Area of Cycloid
Directrix and Parabola
Polar equation
Locus and Ellipse / Hyperbola
Region by inequalities
Circle and line
Family of curves
Parabolic Group
Recurrence formula
Billiard in the ellipse
Application to the probability and statistics
Probability of dice
Binomial distribution
Application to the geometry
Diagonales of the regular polygon of 18 sides
Three centers of the triangle (Euler line)
Simpson line and envelope
Application to vectors
Decomposition of vector
Vector Equation
Various transformation
Map on the complex plane (w = z2)
Map on the complex plane (w = z4)
Linear tranformation
Inputting expressions
Scientific Calculator

You can download the files of these examples.

Main features

  1. Drawing various graphs
  2. The graphs of most of the functions encountered at the high school level can be drawn (calculation of limit value is not supported, but Σ is available)
    Expressions can be input as we normally write them down.
  3. Dynamic graph by increasing or decreasing of parameters and dragging of point
  4. Vector
  5. You can process simple program by using script.
  6. Tools for analyzing graphs
  7. For the presentation
  8. You can add caption wherever you wish.
  9. Additional functionalities: print, save, load, changing background paper, etc.
  10. Simple and intuitive manipulation with mouse and the menu buttons.
  11. Variety of readily useable examples for many aspects of GRAPES is given.
  12. This is free software.

For the detail, see User's Manual.


Latest Version GRAPES 6.75
English version GRAPES 6.75 within Manual (PDF) grps675_en.exe (4,091KB)

Old Version
English version GRAPES 6.62E grps662_en.exe (570KB)
English version GRAPES 6.50c grps650en.exe(487KB)

Version with Manual and Examples GRAPES 6.23
English version GRAPES grps623en.exe (421KB)
HTML users' manual
GRAPES does not have Help facility, except HTML users' manual.
Down load this with the software.
(Translated by T.Miyakawa)
grps623m_en.exe (953KB)
There are many examples from various domains which user can find useful,
specially, examples for conics and various curves.
(Translated by T.Miyakawa)

Quick Manual

How to extract ?

How to start ?

User's Manual


The computer is a strong tool for mathematics teaching and learning. More examples for classroom teaching could be a welcome addition to GRAPES resources. So please send your links to grapes@criced.tsukuba.ac.jp, and we add it to this page.

Copyright, copy, distribution, ...


Copyright of GRAPES and this manual belongs to Katsuhisa TOMODA.

Copy, distribution, and use

GRAPES is a free software. You can freely copy, distribute, and use this. But no modification of the contents is allowed.


This page is managed by Masami Isoda and hosted at CRICED (criced.tsukuba.ac.jp). For further questions or comments on the English version of GRAPES, please send e-mail to grapes@criced.tsukuba.ac.jp.

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