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Director of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) visits President Nagata

  On May 13, 2024, Datuk Dr. Habibah Abdul Rahim, director of SEAMEO, Mr. John Arnold Siena, deputy director for programme and development of SEAMEO, and Dr. Anis Alisya Abdullah, senior deputy rector of the Institute of Teacher Eductaion Malaysia, Ministry of Education Malaysia, visited Dr Kyosuke Nagata, president of University of Tsukuba to exchange views on further collaboration.

  During their courtesy visit to Dr Nagata, SEAMEO agreed to strengthen the cooperative relationship between SEAMEO and Japanese higher education institutions through realization of the establishment of a consortium, setting University of Tsukuba as a hub. During the session with the faculty members of the Institute of Human Sciences, they exchanged views on establishing a further cooperative relationship between the University of Tsukuba and SEAMEO through various areas. During the business lunch session, opinions were exchanged with Dr. Maki Tsujimura, Executive Officer of the University, regarding the forthcoming opening of the University's Malaysia branch in September. During the session with students from Southeast Asia who are currently participating in the AIMS program, the participants discussed the challenges faced by international students at the University and the attractiveness of the University of Tsukuba in a friendly atmosphere.

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