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Mathematical and Computational Thinking Workshop at Malaysian Teacher Education Institute IPGM Tun Abdul Razak

CRICED Director Masami Isoda conducted a workshop on June 11-12 at Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Tun Abdul Razak (IPGM*1: Tun Abdul Razak, Sarawak*2) to foster mathematical and computer thinking among mathematics major students. The workshop was held to foster mathematical and computational thinking with the theme of numeracy for mathematics students. The workshop was a great success, and the participants suggested that the workshop to be continued next year.

*1 IPGM is a teacher training college with 27 campuses in Malaysia, under the Ministry of Education (not under the Ministry of Higher Education), which offers scholarships to all students and has a graduate school. CRICED has conducted workshops and training programs in Japan with the Penang campus. As part of the expansion of this program to the entire IPGM, the IPGM Headquarters took the initiative to realize the program.
*2 The state of Sarawak, located on the Borneo/Kalimantan side, is administratively separated from the Malay Peninsula side and is subject to separate immigration inspections. Sarawak, like Indonesia, is a highly open state, and future collaboration is expected.

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