APEC-Tsukuba International Conference IX:

Innovation of Mathematics Teaching and Learning through Lesson Study

Date: February 10-16, 2015
Venue: Tokyo Campus, University of Tsukuba, Myogadani St., Tokyo

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Tentative Schedule

Feb. 9: Arrival day
Feb. 11: APEC Conference"Mathematics Education for Future Prediction"
9:00   Opening Ceremony
Chair. Okubo Kazuyoshi, Hokkaido University of Education
Hiroshi Fujita, The Chair of IPC at ICME 9, 2000, Japan, Former/Honorary President, The Mathematical Society of Japan, Mathematics Education Society Japan
Greeting at APEC Conference 2015
9:15   Explanation of APEC Project
Masami Isoda & Maitree Inprasitha, Project Overseers, University of Tsukuba & Khon Kaen University
Mathematics Education for Future Prediction: The APEC Project on 2015
9:30   Photo Session 1 for all participants
9:45   Keynote 1
Chair: Takeshi Miyakawa, Jyoetsu University of Education
Hiroe Tsubaki: The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Statistical Prediction and Uncertainty Management
10:45   Break
11:00   Keynote 2
Chair: Takeshi Miyakawa
Orlando Gonzalez: Hiroshima University
Senior High School Mathematics Teachers' Difficulty to Teach Statistics: The Cases of Japan and Thailand
12:00   Lunch
13:00   Panel: Seeking the Newest Issues for Curriculum Reforms
Modulator: Maitree Inprasitha
Atsushi Nagao, Ministry of Education (MEXT, Japan)
Curriculum Standards for Elementary and Secondary Education: Overview of the Advisory Council Discussion
Widodo, Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia)
Newest Issues for Curriculum Reform in Indonesia (2013)
Hee-chan Lew, Korian National University of Education
Current Issues for Mathematics Curriculum Reform in Korea
Toh Tin Lam, National Institute of Education (Singapore)
Curriculum Reform
14:20   Break
14:30   Questions & Answers, and Discussions
15:30   Break
15:40   Keynote 3
Chair. Akio Matsuzaki, Saitama University
Kanok Wongtrangan, Former Adviser of Prime Minister, Thailand
Lesson Study in Thailand : Experiences and Challenges

Feb. 12: Lesson Study
Morning Session: National Lesson Study Meeting at the Elementary School
Hiroshi Tanaka (Grade 6)
Lesson Plan
Yasuhiro Hosomizu (Grade 6)
Lesson Plan
Afternoon Session: Attend the Junior High School Lesson Study Meeting
13:00   Lesson Study
Roberto Araya, University of Chile
Lesson Plan
14:10   Post lesson discussion
15:00   Keynote 4
Chair Tatsuya Mizoguchi
Barbara Jaworski, Loughborough University, UK
Research on Teacher Education in Mathematics -- through collaborative inquiry-based processes including teachers and students
16:00   Keynote 5
Chair Shigeki Kitajima
Kuniko Urashima, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy
Future Prediction Science
17:00   Move to the Reception Venue
Reception (includes Closing Ceremony):
Venue: Rinya Kaikan (behind the Elementary School)
17:30   Closing Ceremony:
Caroline Benton, Vice President, University of Tsukuba
Confirmation for the next meeting in Thailand.

SEAMEO-RECSAM and University of Tsukuba joint Symposium

Satellite Meeting

Date: February 15-18, 2015
Venue: Tokyo Campus, University of Tsukuba, Myogadani St., Tokyo

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Feb. 16: SEAMEO-RECSAM and University of Tsukuba joint Symposium
9:00   Opening Ceremony
Chair. Sato Yoshiaki & Suhaidah Tahir
UT Vice President : Caroline Fern Benton
SEAMEO Secretariat : Witaya Jeradechakul
MEXT Minister's Secretariat: Sato Yoshiaki
9:30  Session 1
Suhaidah Tahir
Southeast Asia Regional Standards for Mathematics Teachers
The Process and Development of The Southeast Asian Regional Standards for Mathematics Teachers SEARS EMT
Thien Lei Mee
Malaysian Mathematics Teacher Quality standards
DMTQS Teacher Standards Mathematics RECSAM Malaysia(pdf)
Takuya BABA
Professional competence and professional community in mathematics education�E�EDoes competence belong to an individual or a community?
12:00   Lunch
13:00  Session 2
Fadjar Shadiq
SEARS-MT and Indonesian Perspective
Masami ISODA
Mathematics Teacher Standards and Lesson Study How do you define good teacher?
Yuriko Yamamoto Baldin
Competency in Assessment for Teacher Standards: brief reflection
14:00  Discussions
17:00   Closing

Feb. 13: ICME Survey Team Meeting
Venue: Tokyo Campus, University of Tsukuba, Myogadani St., Tokyo
Morning Session:
Attend National Lesson Study Meeting at the Elementary School
Afternoon Session:
ICME Survey Team Meeting
Input information from The Host Side
Atsushi Matachi, JICA
JICA Projects in the World 1 2
Southeast Asia Regional Standards for Mathematics Teachers
Maitree Inprashita, Thailand
Open Approach project
Yuriko Yamamoto Baldin, Brazil
In-service Teacher Education in Brazil

Feb. 14&15: ICME Survey Team Meeting
Venue: Tokyo Campus, University of Tsukuba, Myogadani St., Tokyo

Feb. 10: Textbook Workshop 10am-17pm
Venue: Gakkotosho Pub/Tosho Insatsu, Higashi Jujo St./ Oji Kamiya St., Tokyo
Morning Session: Plenary
Feature of Japanese Textbook: Masami Isoda, University of Tsukuba
Difference of Language and Culture: Aida Yap, University of Philippines
Afternoon Session: Group Work
1st Grade group, 2nd Grade group and 3rd Grade group
Report Session


Project Website:


Contact Persons about the conference

Conference Host: University of Tsukuba
General Chair: Dr. Masami Isoda (APEC Project Overseer) email: isoda@criced.tsukuba.ac.jp
APEC Project Co-Overseer: Dr. Maitree Inprasitha (Khon Kaen Univ. Thailand)
Supporting Staff: Kumiko Nada email: nada.kumiko.ga[�E�]un.tsukuba.ac.jp
Rikako Ishikawa email: ishikawa.rikako.gu[�E�]un.tsukuba.ac.jp)

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