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IV Organization and Implementation of Curriculum
* Moral education enhancing teacher: a teacher in charge of mainly enhancing moral education
●Grade 1 & 2:
・Basic daily habits such as greetings
・Learn rules of social life, make a judgment of what is good and bad, and do not do what one should not do as a human being
●Grade 3 & 4:
・Keep promises and follow rules of groups and society
・Acquire attitudes to cooperate and help each other with people around
●Grade 5 & 6:
・Understand significance of laws and rules
・Acquire attitudes to understand the other person’s position and support each other
・Play a role and carry out responsibilities in a group
・Have a consciousness as a member of the nation and society
・Cover such topics as emotional disturbances (distress, conflict, etc.) and understanding of human relationships, so that students can deepen their understanding of their way of life

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