Second Online Workshops For Lesson Study 2.0 (APEC HRD Project-14 2022S)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science for Education in APEC Economies

Date: 14 April 2023, 9am-1pm: GMT+9, Tokyo time


about conference
APEC Putrajaya Vision (2021) set priority for research on Innovation and Digitalisation and Theme of APEC 2022 is ‘Open, connect and balance.’ APEC Lesson Study project (2006-2018) had developed Open Approach in education. InMside Project (2019-2021) had developed curriculum recommendation for AI and Data Science. For Digital Transformation, a number of educational research to use AI and data science methodology are ongoing. On this occasion, the project implements two online workshops for training trainers in governments:
First workshop in Thailand on October 2022 was summarized the past lesson study project in APEC and discussed the possible adaptations of AI and Data Science Approaches.
Second workshop in 14 April 2023 focuses on Lesson Study 2.0 which includes to use AI and Data Science Approaches, discuses usefulness and limitation of current technology, and seeks further development.
Government officials participate in the online workshop.

Tentative Programme

*Japan Time(GMT+9)

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14 April 2023




Vice President of the University of Tsukuba (TBC)


Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (TBC)


Yuchi Zhao, APEC HRDWG Education Network Coordinator (TBC)


Photo Session


Project Linkages


Linkage 1. APEC PPSTI (TBC)


Linkage 2. APEC HRWG Lesson Study Project


Linkage 3. APEC HRDWG InMside project APEC


Linkage 4. Workshop on AI and Data Science for Education at the University of Tsukuba International Conference on 2021


Linkage 5. First Online Workshop for Lesson Study 2.0 at Thailand on 2022




Keynote 1 (Methodology 1)

New Technology to Assess Student’s Affection in Classroom.
Kenji Suzuki, University of Tsukuba, Japan.


Keynote 2 (Methodology 2)

Lesson Analysis by Using AI
Roberto Araya, University of Chile, Chile




Keynote 3 (Case 1)

Lesson Study through online.
Raimundo Olfos, Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso, Chile


Keynote 4 (Case 2)

Student7s Self-Assessment and Assessment for Teaching for Human Character Formation
Masami Isoda, University of Tsukuba, Japan




Reports from Economies for Lesson Study 2.0


Discussion for Further Collaborations on Lesson Study 2.0


Closing Remarks

14 April 2023, 9am-1pm: GMT+9, Tokyo time will be

13 April night on GMT-8 (Canada-PST, USA-PST), GMT-6 (Mexico), on GMT-5 (Canada-EST, Peru, USA-EST), & on GMT-3 (Chile),
and 14 April morning on GMT+3 (Russia-Moscow), on GMT+7 (Thailand, Indonesia-WIB, Vietnam), on GMT+8 (Australia-WST, Brunei, China, Hong Kong China, Indonesia-WITA, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Chinese Taipei), on GMT+9 (Indonesia-WIT, Japan, Korea), on GMT+10 (Australia-EST, Papua New Guinea, Russia-Vladivostok), & on GMT+12 (New Zealand-NZDT).

The workshop will be recorded, and the video which includes all program and discussions will be uploaded on YouTube in public as for the product of the workshop.

Host Institution

This project is proposed from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan and the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (MHESI), Thailand.
Center for Research on International Cooperation in Educational Development (CRICED), University of Tsukuba, Japan and the Institute for Research and Development in Teaching Profession for ASEAN (IRDTP), Khon Kaen University, Thailand are the host institutions. This second workshop is managed by CRICED.
Project Overseer: Masami Isoda, Director of CRICED, University of Tsukuba, Japan.
The Website URL:

Ways of participations and contributions

The workshop is free.
Registration for Contributors: Speakers and Government officials
Speakers and Government officials participate in the online meeting room.
The government officials register through the e-mail: until April 7th with the following information: Name, Title, Position, Affiliation and the name of economy, as well as the wish for the presentation on the session ‘Reports from Economies for Lesson Study 2.0.’ The registers must receive further information to login the room on April 10th.
Further information to watch the workshop through YouTube will be announced on the Website.